Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ode to a Lost Friend (Farewell KingSwank)

Amidst the green of the campus,
Rolling hills and red brick halls,
With our sly winks and impish grins,
Our bond reached beyond those walls.
I had a friend who was a dreamer;
A soul imbued with the light of life.
He left this world far too abruptly -
In his wake beset shadows of internal strife.

Sometimes I wondered at what I had missed,
Or what I could have done,
Tried to bargain with the irreversible,
Ran screaming towards the darkness,
Or hurled violent curses at the blazing sun -
But then I was halted in my footsteps,
To recognize these histrionics were untoward.
My friend was never one for dwelling on the past;
He would have wanted me to move forward.

Many years prior...
Pending the admissions test for seventh grade,
And while administrators expressed their rules in sum,
We met, as he broke the droning list of don'ts and nevers,
By passing me a forbidden stick of Juicy Fruit gum.
From the very first day we ever met
One truth endured the entire while,
My friend never seemed to find a greater joy
Than when he evoked another's smile.

When my steak is cooked just perfect,
Or I'm goofing off beneath the stars,
When I am making myself productive,
Or just driving around in cars,
With every slice of hot and cheesy pizza,
And every rockin' note I hear
With every memory tinged new experience
I feel my friend is near.

Through so many experiences together,
And so many stories that we shared.
I know that I am not the only one
Who felt the warmth of how much he cared.
A presence in every room he entered,
A bridge between every divide,
He taught us to drop our petty differences
And revel in being alive.

Though he was every bit a human being
He was also more than that you see;
He lived as an example
Of the best that we can be.
He walked among us, a boon of hopeful flame;
A bounding breath of oxygen, stoking our fire,
Colliding in a relentless positron of positivity -
He could self-generate the energy to inspire...

He was a strong foster of community
Bold enough to overcome the rife,
With a royal heart as grand as everlasting love,
He charmed we celebrants, touched by his life.
A great friendship is eternal
Even after that friend has passed,
So I take his light into my thoughts
Where I know he will forever last.

Ode to you my friend,
I miss you, though you are with me.