Thursday, November 21, 2013

Three Words from the Murky Depth

I may not always say the words, but
My friends should know I mean them.
Sentiment may long remain unexpressed
But like bullion on the ocean floor
Value is undiminished by murky depth,
And perhaps appreciated all the more
For the obstacles between us;
Anticipated like a museum opening,
With polished baubles, gold and silver
And great forever stones displayed upon a felt,
Glistening beneath a new morning’s sun.
Brothers and Sisters,
Please know that I think of you often
As the treasure map to my soul,
And spend many a waking moment
Contemplating the prospects for
Our next swashbuckling adventure together.
While the rustling wind whispers
Against the pages of our history,
May the written word echo in your minds eternal.
Relationships are my compass rose,
And friendship is true north.
If you are one to decode this key
Your “X” is etched upon my heart…

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