Thursday, July 18, 2013

Full Moon Fever

Any guy who has lived in New York in the summer knows that there are certain kinds of moments that make your whole week worth while. This poem is about one of those moments...

Full Moon Fever

Full moon fever on a hot summer day –
Fabric mottled; white with Rorschach black,
Ruffled like rose petals in the spirit of play,
Enraptured blossom around the stem of a lithe body.

Stolid chowder air sliced by a renegade gust,
While traffic trudges languidly up baked asphalt
A flash in the street as cheeks go flush
An instant that echoes in eternity.

Bumming a ride on the backside of a long haul caboose
Burrowing deep into the tunnels of my mind,
This eyeful like the holy grail out on the loose
A chalice in an unguarded oasis between the sands.

Rays from the sun bring the nether to light
A vision that I alone am privileged to witness
My rapt eyes in awe of this glorious sight,
If there is floss I do not notice. All I see –

Two perfect scoops of butter brickle ice cream
Sweetening the harried plot of a stifling day,
Twinned bubbles floating through a walking daydream
Like clouds across the curvature of a city crosswalk.

While mind shutters burn this footage into my brain,
The gaze of my companion distracted by thoughtful chatter
This indelible image already threatening to drive me insane,
As her soft hand gently slides the carriage door shut...

As if a granule of sand slipping through narrow glass
The scars of time leave naught but fragile memory
Of soft skin and trembling flesh, unless, alas -
She blushes slightly beside her ambling beau.

The moment went as quickly as it came
Yet satisfaction finds me with one fleeting glance.
I never even had the chance to learn her name,
But then, perhaps, I did not need to…

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