Sunday, August 19, 2012


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...I said I would follow a template for my first four posts. There could be nothing newer than the piece I wrote this morning. "Smile"...

Pausing as the moments pass
Attention turns me to the looking glass.
My expression before the bathroom tile
Reminds me that I ought to smile,
For amidst the fury and the sound
I am here above the ground,
And though it is not always bliss
I must carry on for those I miss. 

Life is but a butterfly,
You flap your wings and then you die.
But beauty reigns before the fall
So while you can, drink in it all.
If there is anything lost love could give
Let it be the inspiration to live.

Transcending beyond the pain and strife
Unraveling the bow of life,
To challenge all I thought I knew
And then to tie it around my day anew,
Go make a muddy mess of my waking hours
And rinse it off in thunder showers.
As blood charges through my veins
I will be the lightning when it rains.

Though darkness may shroud the night
Dawn always returns the light,
Sun always rises in the sky,
And Icarus always longs to fly.
But I am not made of wax,
Will fortifies my dreams against attacks.
I must know I cannot sink
So long as I will dare to think,
And thinking girds against the storm
So that I may mold my lifelong form.

A folded flag in a case with my father’s name
And photographs of friends and family do the same,
To place a value on what was lost
So there are no illusions about life’s cost.
Loosing those you are thinking of
Does nothing to diminish love.
I am stronger than I may seem,
And they are part of how I keep my sheen.
Moving forward through the day
Thoughts of how they might part the grey,
Reinforce the memories that drive me all the while
To seize the day and crack a smile…

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